Sunday, February 15, 2009


As a gay or lesbian person, it's not easy to meet people in what society calls "conventional" ways.

Gays and lesbians have "traditionally" contact at gay bars to meet people. This is because this is most riskless way. Chances are, anyone you meet will be gay, and if they're not, well, they're in a gay bar so they'll be good-natured about it if they get hit on.

Online dating is quickly losing it's stigma as being just for "losers" or "lunatics." It's actually become an accepted, and for gay and lesbians, desirable way to meet people.

As a result, lots of gay and lesbian online dating sites have popped up.

As well as being a good way to meet gay and lesbians, online dating sites have a couple of advantages over the bars.

* You won't forget who they are when they call you the next day
* You won't wake up and experience "coyote ugly."
* You can actually get to know a person and decide if they're worth getting to know before you waste a lot of time and money dating them

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